Notes from June 2nd, 2023

Validated PRs

  • Variable refactoring in tdp-cluster (applicable in tdp-extras).
  • Release preparation for TDP 1.0.


  • Release validation with tests.
  • tdp-lib binary updates.
  • Acknowledge the lack of upgrade procedure for the moment.
  • No idempotence in TDP builder.
  • tdp-lib development and group name refactoring aligned with component names.
  • Discussions relative to functionnal tests after deployment and the supporting framework (eg: pytest, pyinfra, …).
  • Upgrade of Ansible and Python 3.9 for RHEL8.
  • host and playbook resolution, optional playbook.

PRs in discussion

  • PR logs jupyterhub, log4J/jupyter unified logs.
  • PR TDP builder, issue relative to the docker context with various development builds (maven,gradle, …), Kubernetes compatiblity.
  • Potential re-design of TDP Builder, maybe with one Docker image per projet.