Notes from June 16th, 2023

The main discussed topics include open PRs, Hive and the creation of a setup project.

Pull Requests

Open topics

  • @kpgtek Hive’s bug: after PR hive-old#5, all Hive tables are uppercases. However, Hive v3.x still uses lowercase for a few tables. The binary released with 1.0 (apache-hive-3.1.3-1.0-bin.tar.gz) integrate this PR but this build hasn’t been tested with every environments. A bug appeared but was not reproducible by every participants using tdp-getting-started (see hive#7). @Pierrotws will test Hive 3.1.4 and eventually release incremental patches.
  • @Pierrotws Hadoop version: use version 3.1.4-1.0 for Hadoop 3.1.4 on TDP 1.1 from now on.
  • @PACordonnier tdp-setup: need for a project to help create a TDP environment based on the release system. Setup should check TDP manager prerequisite but not install them (Python and Ansible in particular), download releases (instead of the Git submodules), generate configurations etc.


  • Create a script
  • Write a doc
  • Make a project dedicated to the deployment of TDP in user mode, based on a stable version. tdp-getting-started would become a development-only environment.
  • Propose a VM

@PACordonnier will provide an initial script and the opportunity to publish it will be further discuss if not too specific to particular end-users.