Notes from October 20th, 2023

General notes

Project is actively preparing for the release of TDP 1.1 The proposed bill of materials will be published in the project page and is currently is a PR tdp#90.

The focus of the release is to create coherence with upstreams Apache repositories, upgrading patch versions of some components as well as fixing minor issues.

Pull Requests

  • tdp-observability#52 : @kpgtek will review. DGFIP manages the subject
  • tdp-collection#799: no updates so far
  • hive#10: backports was not working but was backporting patch from branch master (hive 4). There is another patch available that targeted branch-3. @hamdiazz is trying to backport
  • tdp#90: Add specific commit from where fork was made for Hbase. Ranger, we rebase the branch 2.0 and push force. Job for @PACordonnier
  • hive#7: lets revert old PR that enables the problem. If problem resurfaces we should investigate
  • tdp-dev: new installation procedure with TDP lib inside a VM. Lets try this solution as a way to develop on TDP. To install TDP on end-user environment, a documentation needs to be provided.
  • tdp-observability#57: some files were forgotten with the PR. Lets use them
  • tdp-collection-extras#155: needs reviewers
  • tdp-collection#808 and tdp-collection#811: team needs to look and should be discussed in a later meeting.