Notes from February 2th, 2024

Discussions about current open PR and TDP 1.1 release. Subjects on TDP website, tdp-observability logging and dashboards, status update of the TDP Stack 1.1 development and TDP repositories management.

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-website/getting-started : WIP . TODO in yellow. Error on the Getting Started link. Segmenting of the documentation need to be determined. Possible usage/deployment documented : UI, Playbooks, CLI.
  • tdp-collection#830:
  • tdp-collection-extras#169:Added TZ timeformat toogle for logs. Resolved conflict. Merged
  • tdp-observability#81: Log variables are moved to tdp-cluster. Currently, comment/documentation on variables only visible on tdp_vars_default. Changes can be made so that they appeare in tdp_vars. Merged.
  • tdp-observability#83: Added log dashbords: tdp-logs for TDP stack, tdp-observability-logs for Graphana, Prometheus and exporters. Review to be made for file names of dashbord. A naming convention should be determined. PR needs rebase.
  • tdp-collection-extras#172: There is configuration difficulties for promtail datetime format. A specific format needed for HUE, different from TDP’s ISO timedate format. A predefined harcoded date is needed for parsing the target format in promtail. Merge conflict to solve.

Open topics

Default branch on TDP-build or TDP branch to be decided.


  • TDP branch : use this branch when users whants patchs for for detected problems.

Normalized branches in composants repos. Branches TDP-build and TDP will always be present . If theyre is no patches, TDP branch HEAD will have the same commit.

Doc commit should be squashed.

TDP stack :

  • TEZ : Update of hadoop version. Versions commits and doc commit are separated. This is not done for tez because the 0.9.1 is already released.
  • Spark : Added build script to Jenkins file. Pentaho is excluded because of calcite. PR not released yet: Druid is not present and Apache commit should be tried to be integrated.
  • Hive: releases PRs hive#23 and hive#24. Merged.
  • Hbase: Problem for default dependance repository. Long time to acess and download dependancies. Added mirror in configurations. Squash and rebase of branch-2.1.10-build commits.
  • Ranger: Currently, previous release version is used. Add Apache commit for build version. Apache version too ahead for backportsand is closer to 2.2 . This should be reconsidered for TDP-2.0 .
  • Phoenix: commits to squash.
  • Hbase-connector: Build branch to be added.
  • Hbase: HBASE-21284 change default configuration values. This patch is necessary for preventing bad compaction performances.