Notes from February 9th, 2024

Discussion about the compilation of TDP 1.1 stack.

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

Open topics

Must still discuss the branch names of the components. Branches containing -build must be renamed.

TDP stack :

  • Hive: Replaced patch removing dependency pentaho-aggdesigner-algorithm with patch HIVE-25173 which replaces the dependency with aggdesigner-algorithm in branch branch-2.3.9-build.
  • Spark: Detected the cause of issue 6. It is related to the fact that profile hadoop-3.1 has been added with two artifact names pointing to the same artifact hadoop-client while profile hadoop-3.2 is always activated. Decision is to deactivate profile hadoop-3.2 in maven command and add profile hadoop-3.1 where it is missing as copy of the latter profile but by removing the dependency which comes twice and test this modification on a new branch branch-3.2.4-build-new.
  • Ranger: Branch ranger-2.0-build is now a fork of branch ranger-2.0-tdp. Hive version has been changed in both branches to 3.1.3-2.0. Must rename branch to have 3 digits and clean the commits.
  • HBase-connector: Created branch branch-2.3.5-1.0.0-build which is identical to branch-2.3.5-1.0.0-TDP.