Meeting notes February 16th, 2024

Issue with reverse DNS lookup.

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-website#68: Added project’s logo in homepage. Eduard approves it but must still be approved by Olivier.
  • tdp-observability#85: Enable passing scrape options to Prometheus configuration file, via observability_tdp_targets dictionary. PR is merged.
  • tdp-observability#87: Have a dashboard for python based services (Hue, JupyterHub). PR still in review since it is related to PR tdp-collection-extras#174 which has an issue.
  • tdp-collection-extras#174: Monitor Hue & JupyterHub metrics. PR is still in process. Gets an 404 error when trying to get the metrics.

Open topics

  • Products doing reverse DNS lookup causing some issues. Adding dnsmasq for reverse DNS lookup of etc/host partially solves the issue. Find a solution for reverse DNS lookup to be configured in tdp-collection-prerequisites.

  • Spark: created branch branch-3.2.4-build-new to solve issue 6 discussed last week.