Meeting notes February 23rd, 2024

Discussion about the compilation of TDP 1.1 stack.

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-observability#87: Have a dashboard for python based services (Hue, JupyterHub). Does not search Hue or JupyterHub if service not present. PR is merged.
  • tdp-collection-extras#174: Monitor Hue & JupyterHub metrics. PR is merged.
  • tdp-website#72: Contributors’ meeting of 16th February 2023. PR is merged.
  • tdp-website#73: Normalize titles and limit homepage list. Will discuss it at DGFIP next week.

Open topics

TDP stack 1.1

  • Concerning Spark, write in the file the reason why we applied a self-made patch about adding the profile hadoop-3.1. Write a list with the self-made patches of the other components to see if we apply the same method to their file.

  • Ranger: the compilation for the stack has been done with the branch ranger-2.0-TDP, now test if it works with the branch ranger-2.0.0-TDP.

  • Hive: Must still rebase branch-2.3.9-TDP on branch-2.3.9-build.

  • See if we can have a script which checks if all branches ending with -TDP are rebased on the -build branch.