Meeting notes March 1st, 2024

Discussion about the compilation of TDP 1.1 stack.

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-website#74: Contributors’ meeting of 23rd of February 2024. PR merged.
  • TDP#95: Bash script to check if TDP branch has been rebased on the coresponding build branch in each project. PR merged.
  • tdp-observability#89: Remove postgres-exporter role. Since PostgreSQL is not mandatory for TDP observability. PR merged.
  • tdp-collection-prerequisites#101: Remove prerequisites for postgres_exporter. linked to the previous PR tdp-observability#89. PR merged.
  • tdp-observability#91: Enable multiple dashboard directories. Without PR the dashboard provisioning works only with one import directory. PR merged.

Open topics

TDP stack :

  • Still have to rename the branches of the TDP 1.1 stack.

  • Working at EDF on the TDP stack compilation with Hadoop version 3.3.

  • Decided to add in each project’s a section called Build notes which includes a short desciption of the functional patches (not version updates) that have been added since their release.