Notes from March 9th, 2024

TDP stack 1.1 and 2.0

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-website#75: Contributors’ meeting of 1st of march 2024. PR is merged.

Open topics

TDP stack 1.1

  • All functional patches have been added in the documentation file of each project under Build notes.

  • Spark: branch branch-3.2.4-build-new replaced branch branch-3.2.4-build and is now named like the latter.

  • All -tdp branches have been rebased on their respective -build branch.

  • Meeting Wednesday 13th of March to discuss the new naming of the branches.

  • Zookeeper 3.8 has been compiled and can replace Zookeeper 3.4.14 for the stack 1.1.

  • Once the naming of the branches has been done and TDP-lib is able to handle table migrations, the documentation must be updated and the release will be ready.

TDP stack 2.0

  • Adaltas and EDF are starting working on the migration path from TDP 1.1 to TDP 2.0.

  • Adaltas with EDF were able to build Hadoop 3.3.6 with Knox 2.0.O and HBase 2.4.17.

  • Work in progress to build Hive 4.0 and Spark 3.5.

  • Iceberg will be build but Hive 4.0 is a prerequisit.

Issue with user accounts written in uppercase letters

  • The issue encounterd by the EDF R&D cluster with user accounts written in uppercase letters has been solved by changing 2 variables in TDP vars.


  • DGFIP’s data scientists use JupyterHub a lot and it needs to be more customized in TDP to be able to handle several Python versions for instance and other features.


  • DGFIP’s data scientists also use HUE a lot and the current compilation does not include the internationalisation. It needs to be compiled so that it can be used in French and English distinctly.