Notes from May 3rd, 2024

Table migration for TDP-lib with Alembic and using a more recent java version for TDP-stack 3.3

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-collection#834: status of “feat(ranger-plugins): enable log4j for auditlogs”. New feature request: Add an option to enable ranger audit logs to be sent to filesystem. PR merged.
  • tdp-observability#95: status of “feat: Scrape auditlogs and add dashboard”. Collecting ranger audit logs with Promtail and add Grafana dashboards to inspect them. PR merged.
  • tdp-observability#99: status of “fix(node-exporter): service file should not include configuration”. Some configuration parameters are coded in service files and as a result the commands tdp vars edit prometheus # edit prometheus_storage_retention_size, tdp plan reconfigure and tdp deploy do not work as expected. Therefore, configuration parameters should reside in an environment file, which should be templated in config task. PR merged.

Open topics

Manylinux2014 for HUE and JupyterHub

HUE and JupyterHub will be compiled with a manylinux2014 image based on CentOS 7 to make them compatible with more OSs.

Alembic for TDP-lib

  • Alembic does not produce migration scripts compatible with several different DBMSs. It has been decided to have a migration folder for each DBMS namely SQLite, Postgres and MySQL containing the migration scipts.

  • Alembic and SQLAlchemy are compatible with specific DBMS versions, therefore an inventory list of DBMS versions will be done to specify the compatibility with TDP-lib.


HBase-connectors for Spark2 is being used and will therefore be maintained.

More recent Java version for TDP-stack 3.3

TDP-stack 1.1 is compiled and run with Java 8. We are having a look if the new stack can be compiled with JDK 11 and run with JRE 17 and later on also compiled with JDK 17 with target Java 11.