Notes from May 17th, 2024

No specific topic except the merged PRs.

Pull Requests

Weekly review of open PRs (in chronological order):

  • tdp-observability#101: status of “feat(scrapes): conditional jobs, add “enabled” key”. The variable observability_tdp_targets defined in tdp_cluster proposes a way to disable some scrape jobs. PR merged.
  • tdp-observability#103: status of “refactor(grafana): dashboards housekeeping”. General refactorisation for more consistency of dashboard content. PR merged.
  • tdp-website#84: status of “feat(reports): 240503 contributors report”. PR merged.
  • tdp-website#85: status of “Update CTAs links”. Removed Getting started button and renamed Documentation button to Getting started. PR merged.
  • tdp-website#65: status of “Installation guide”. PR merged.
  • tdp-website#80: status of “Create Stacks page”. PR merged.