Managed nodes setup

Prerequisites are required to deploy TDP on the cluster nodes (excluding the control node).

Hardware, network, operating system, software and security prerequisites are defined in the Deployment Requirements.


A tdp-collection-prerequisites collection, tested with Rocky 8 and AlmaLinux 8, facilitates the installation of the prerequisites needed for TDP on the hosts.

For a production cluster, it is recommended not to use this collection and to have a highly available PostgreSQL, LDAP and Kerberos cluster.


The tdp-collection-prerequisites collection is installed as the other collections on the control node:

  1. Install the collection using Ansible Galaxy.

    Complete the requirements.yml file:

      # [...] Main collections defined in the control node setup
      # Prerequesites
      # Contains roles to install prerequisites on machines.
      - name:
        type: git
        version: master
      - name: community.postgresql
        version: 2.4.2
      - name: community.crypto
        version: 2.14.0

    Use the ansible-galaxy command:

    ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml
  2. Create the desired topology file in the inventory (e.g. /path/to/tdp/inventory/topologies/prerequesites). An exemple file is provided in the collection:

    cp -r /path/to/tdp/collections/ansible_collections/tosit/tdp_prerequisites/topology.ini /path/to/tdp/inventory/topologies/prerequisites
  3. Install the prerequisites on the hosts defined in the inventory:

    ansible-playbook /path/to/tdp/collections/ansible_collections/tosit/tdp_prerequisites/playbooks/all.yml

Note: A warning about tdp_vars may appear. The tdp-collection-prerequisites collection does not use tdp_vars, so this warning can be ignored.

Next steps

You can now deploy TDP either purely using Ansible, or by installing TDP Manager to facilitate deployment via CLI, server, or UI.