TDP Stacks

TDP is based on proven, reliable and scalable components from the Hadoop eco-system. Coherent set of components that has been tested and validated to work together are gathered in stacks (as it was called by HDP and Ambari).

The following tables show the core TDP components and their versions for each stack. Two branches are curated for each component:

  • -basic branch, a fork of the original repository with the minimum changes to make it build.

  • -fix branch, based on the -basic branch, with fixes and features backported from the original repository.

    Note: For some projects, the Apache foundation sometimes maintains branches on which are backported fixes and features. We will be using these branches as much as possible if they are maintained and compatible.

Stack 3.1

Versions are approximately based on the HDP 3.1.5 release.


Component NameBase VersionTypeSourceBinaries
Apache Zookeeper3.4.14Apache
Apache Hadoop3.1.1basic3.1.1-0.0(compare with Apache)
fix3.1.1-0.2(compare with basic)
Apache Hive 33.1.3basic3.1.3-2.0(compare with Apache)
fix3.1.3-2.1(compare with basic)
Apache Tez0.9.2basic1.0(compare with Apache)
Apache Spark 22.3.4basic2.3.4-1.0(compare with Apache)
Apache Spark 33.2.4basic3.2.4-1.0(compare with Apache)
Apache Ranger2.0.0*fix2.0.0-1.0(compare with Apache)
Apache Solr (for Ranger)7.7.3Apache
Apache HBase2.1.10 RC1*basic2.1.10-1.0(compare with Apache)
fix2.1.10-1.1(compare with basic)
Apache HBase Operator tools1.1.0basic1.1.0-0.0(compare with Apache)
Apache HBase Connectors (for HBase)1.0.0basic1.0.0-0.0(compare with Apache)
Apache Phoenix5.1.3basic5.1.3-1.0(compare with Apache)
Apache Phoenix Query Server6.0.0basic6.0.0-0.0(compare with Apache)
fix6.0.0-0.1(compare with basic)
Apache Knox1.6.1basic1.6.1-0.0(compare with Apache)
fix1.6.1-0.1(compare with basic)

*Contains some Apache fixes


Component NameBase VersionTypeSourceBinaries
Apache Hive (for Spark 2)1.2.1-spark2basic1.2.1.spark2-1.0(compare with JoshRosen/hive)
Apache Hive 2 (for Spark 3)2.3.9basic2.3.9-1.0(compare with Apache)
fix2.3.9-1.1(compare with basic)